Conventional wisdom tells us that kids do well when they want to, and that any failure to meet expectations happens because kids just don't want to meet the expectation. 

Conventional wisdom is wrong. Kids do well if they can, not because they want to. Kids who show us challenging behavior are often lagging behind in one or more skills that are critical to their long term success. Collaborative Problem Solving is a model developed by Think:Kids in Boston, MA, to address challenging behavior while building the skills for success.

At Socorro, we work with both organizations who are interested in learning more about the model, as well as parents who are struggling at home with a challenging kid.

If your organization is interested in learning more about Collaborative Problem Solving, or would like to schedule one of our trainings, please contact us. We provide training throughout the Midwest and beyond, and would be happy to create an affordable quote tailored to your organization's needs. To learn more about organizations we have partnered with in the past, please check out our consultation page

If you are a parent struggling with a challenging kid, we can help. Learn more on our counseling page.

Collaborative Problem Solving

2 Hour Intro

A two-hour training is perfect for organizations who are interested in a fly-by exposure to Collaborative Problem Solving. 2 hour trainings are not designed for mastery, but are intended to provide a foundational understanding and an invitation to ongoing support and Tier 1 trainings.

On Thursday, September 20, Ed will be presenting Collaborative Problem Solving at the National Association of Social Workers-Nebraska Annual Conference! To learn more, visit MNAdopt!

Half-day Intro

A half-day introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving offers a deeper look at the principles and strategies involved with the approach. Half-day trainings are not designed for mastery, but provide a deeper level of understanding than the 2 hour introductory trainings. 

There are no half-day introductory trainings scheduled at this time.

Full-Day Intro

A full-day intro is an excellent option for organizations who are looking for a day-long training opportunity dedicated to an evidence-based practice that has demonstrated success across a variety of settings. A full-training training offers a chance to really dive in to the introductory material and provides an excellent foundation on which to begin exploring how Collaborative Problem Solving can work for any organization.

There are no full-day introductory trainings scheduled at this time.