Are you struggling with a challenging kid?

We can help. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that that kids do well if they want to, and when they're not doing well, it's usually because they're just not trying hard enough. 

Conventional wisdom is wrong.

After seven years working with more than 1000 kids in 12 different across the Twin Cities, I've found that behind even the most challenging young person is a misunderstood kid who is trying desperately to be successful. Often, the kids who are struggling with the most behaviors are the ones trying the hardest to be successful.

For the vast majority of these kids, something's getting in the way, and that something is lagging skills. Collaborative Problem Solving is an evidence-based approach to addressing challenging behavior that is grounded in the foundational work Think:Kids and Massachusetts General Hospital. Collaborative Problem Solving helps kids learn and practice the skills they need to be successful in classroom, at home, and in life.

Ed Morales is the only certified practitioner of Collaborative Problem Solving in the State of Minnesota. Over the last year, he has spoken with hundreds of teachers at schools and conferences around the country, sharing one simple message: where there's a skill, there's a way.

Learn more...

Join us for an 8-week course and support group designed for parents and caregivers, but open to anyone, interested in learning more about Collaborative Problem Solving and how it can change the game at home and at school. Each 8-week session is held at a different location in the Twin Cities, to make the course accessible to as many Twin Cities families as possible. 

The next Socorro CPS session will be held on Thursdays from March 8 through April 26, at Watercourse Counseling Center in South Minneapolis. The cost to attend the series is $120 per person, or just $200 per couple. Some insurances may cover most or all of the cost of attendance - please e-mail us at as soon as possible to discuss options. A very limited number of full or partial scholarships may be available.

Registration includes:

  • Eight 90 minute gatherings
  • A complete binder of materials to take home 
  • Light refreshments
  • A learning community made up of parents just like you
  • Ample time to to practice, ask questions and enjoy support from other families
  • Lifetime access to the online, ongoing support community, Minneapolis B Team 

Registration is limited to a dozen participants, and we expect the series to fill quickly!



Collaborative problem solving for parents

Thursdays beginning on March 8 - April 26.

Watercourse Counseling Center

3548 Bryan Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408